About Star Force

Star Force: artists that shoot for the stars and create immersive environments and experiences. They aren’t your typical entertainers. They leave a spark of light with each person that crosses their path.

Randi Southard, Teresa Vardeman and Josiah Glover practicing acrobatics in Stepwise’s interactive LED lined geodesic dome

Star Force is an artist collective est. July 2019. These stars aligned to raise vibrations and transcend to higher dimensions. They offer the key to a new dimension through their immersive experiences featuring interactive art, LED technology, acrobatics, choreographed or freestyle LED dancers and character engagers. Their art collective includes technologists, builders and various experiential creators.They live, eat and breathe conscious tech and art. The Star Force HQ is at Indra’s Awarehouse, a collaborative conscious center and artistic warehouse in Austin, TX. Randi Southard is the founder of Indra’s Awarehouse. Her space has helped the stars align for the star guide, Teresa Vardeman.Star Force collaborated with over 50 artists and volunteers Feb. 21 for their soft launch party. In their new dimension, they raised over $600 for charities that benefit survivors of domestic abuse, Australian wildfires and fund scientist’s research for natural cures and sustainable technology.

Costume designs and styling by The Asset Test

Star Force is a new collective of unique and special stars. Our stars performed at New Frontiers Space Exploration Conference, received a grant and was interviewed for Meow Wolf Artist Spaces, featured “Is Blockchain not for Artists?” by Nanu Berks, Swarm Tech SXSW March 2018 and “The Faces of Lightning in a Bottle” by LA News Weekly.Everyone is the star of the show in Star Force. Why? Because everyone shines brighter by uniting and spreading positivity along the way. “We raise vibrations and transcend to higher dimensions” -Star Force